Physiotherapists help people move and participate in life and in their communities, especially when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, disability or disease.

Physiotherapists are involved in health promotion, injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

After assessing a patient’s potential for movement and function, the physiotherapist establishes (together with the patient, whanau/family and caregivers) treatment goals designed to restore or develop that potential, and then maintain it.

At Physio 4 Health in Motueka, your Physio will work with you to determine how best to meet your needs and to set goals to help you regain your active lifestyle.  This may involve a variety of approaches.  In most cases an active approach will be followed, where you may follow a specific exercise regime set with you in mind.  Some approaches may be more passive, such as soft tissue massage and manipulation, joint mobilisation and manipulation, Acupuncture,  the judicious use of heat and cold or various strapping techniques.

As time goes on and you get better, your treatment programme will be adjusted to take you that bit further. We will get to the point where you can cope on your own, you've reached your goals, the pain is all gone and you know what to do if it comes back , and you can do everything you need.
Allow up to 30 minutes for each of these sessions.

Time to recovery to full function will vary, and sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is helpful.  If this is the case we will send you to see someone who may be able to offer a different perspective on your problem.

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