Rehabilitation means getting you back to the point where you can enjoy your life and all your activities.

Often after illness,  injury and/or surgery this can take some time.  To be effective, successful Rehabilitation must take into account the state of more than just your injury.  We must also look at the demands of your job, leisure activities, and, what you would like to do in the future, be it climbing Mt Cook, navigating your way around overseas airport terminals, or being able to do the shopping without help.  It must be sensibly planned to gradually stretch your limbs and muscles, make them stronger and responsive to changes in direction and stimulation and give you the fitness you need to continue your life.

Rehabilitation services

At Physio 4 Health in Motueka we have all sorts of ways to help your rehabilitation. It starts at your first appointment when we sit down with you and try to figure out what the end result of your visits to us will be.  At first you may be given one or two exercises to do at home that may have a combined effect of modifying your pain and improving your muscle and joint function. As time goes on and your immediate symptoms diminish, the emphasis changes to focus on remedying underlying muscle wasting, weakness and imbalance, and prevention of recurrence of your original injury.  We will work with you to find exercises that are specific to your injury, work and leisure. We will also help you gain an understanding of why your injury occurred, and what you can do to prevent it happening again.

Specialists in Nelson & Tasman

We are often asked by specialists in Nelson to assist in the rehabilitation of clients after surgery.  An important part of rehabilitation, especially after surgery is knowing when to start certain activities and, more importantly, when not to do certain activities. The wrong type of stress or strain on a recently repaired muscle, joint, tendon or ligament can undo the effect of the surgery, or limit its success. We will help and guide you over this post-operative period  to make the most of your recovery and to make it as short as permissable.

Sometimes we are asked by surgeons, other doctors or clients to help improve muscle strength and function prior to surgery.  This will often result in an easier, quicker time to recovery and a shorter off-work period.  People who do this often have more confidence in their ability to cope with surgery, and it can help prevent muscle wasting in muscles not directly affected by the injury but not used as often or as efficiently because of the injury.

We can set you up with a programme either at home, at StudioGym, Rec Centre Gym, Marae Gym or in our exercise area at 25 Greenwood St.

Contact us if you wish to talk to us about rehabilitation either before or after surgery, illness or injury.