Product sales

We have a small stock of products that you may find useful on the way to recovery. These include such things as back pods, wheat bags, strapping tape, books and various balls, splints and lotions. If we don't have the exact splint/support you require we will order it for you, which should take 2-3 days to arrive. Your physiotherapist can advise you on the appropriate item. Prices available on request.

Formthotics System  Custom Medical Orthotics

In stock, a large range of state-of-the art orthotic solutions for all your needs ... sports and work footwear, gumboots, men's and women's shoes, wide feet.  Consult your physio for the best fit.


The complete range of the very popular and effective 'Treat Your Own...Back, Neck, Shoulder' are available.

McKenzie Lumbar rolls

These come in varying sizes and density. To ensure you have the correct one for you, ask a Physio.

Heat/cold packs

We have (locally made) wheat bags and ice packs available for home or sports field use. Check with one of our Physios to ensure you have the right piece of equipment for the job you expect it to do.

Lotions and potions

We have soothing, natural heat rubs available in varying sizes.Check with one of our Physios to make sure that massage/rubbing your sore muscles is appropriate for you.

Splints and supports

There are too many of these for us to keep them all in stock. To ensure you get the right splint or support talk to one of our Physios.

Swiss balls and wobble boards

To ensure you get the right size, ask a Physio.


Rigid and flexible, wide and narrow, overtape and underwrap, brown, white and Kinesiotape.  Ask a Physio to make sure you get the right one.