Pilates Classes in Motueka

Pilates Classes are found all over the world. They are part of the form of exercise developed by the late Josef Pilates to help himself overcome a puny frame and a childhood disability.

Pilates exercises focus on maintaining a solid 'core' while moving the limbs. There is a strong emphasis  on maintaining a neutral spine by working abdominal and back muscles simultaneously. The same basic posture is then set in place before performing any of the exercises.

Exercises in the Physio 4 Health classes are graded to suit individual ability. Classes at Physio 4 Health are led by physiotherapists with the background knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, injury and function  to ensure that chances of injury through poor muscle or exercise performance is limited.  We know which exercises are appropriate for any given problem, how to adapt exercises to suit aches and pains and, probably most importantly, which ones to avoid.  You will be taken through a range of stretching and strengthening movements, all the while reinforcing core control and increasing your awareness of correct posture.

Why is Pilates so good for your body?

Pilates is a very useful tool to improve core strength, an essential part of every sportsperson's training regime; can be used after back and neck injuries to rehabilitate the spine, is great for improving posture if you are feeling a bit  stooped.  It is especially useful for women at two major stages of their lives. After childbirth especially designed gentle abdominal and pelvic floor exercises can help re-educate these hard worked and stretched muscles to get them back into working order.  And around or after menopause Pilates is a very useful tool, (along with walking), to maintain muscle strength and bone health.  It can help prevent poor posture. Help you stand tall.

Classes for specific groups available on request, so get your netball team together pre-season, or your new mums group, give Physio 4 Health a call and we can put together a class for you (Minimum numbers and classes applies).


Monday: 8:30am
Tuesday: 6pm
Wednesday: 8:30am


Block membership

One class - $100 for 10 weeks

Two classes - $180 for 10 weeks (discounted 10%)