McKenzie Method

Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy for back & neck pain

Do you suffer from back or neck pain? Then this may be the approach for you:

The McKenzie Method has been shown in clinical trials to be an effective way to cure and control back pain.  Approximately 80% of the population will suffer some form of back pain at some stage of their life, and 75% will benefit from the simple straightforward McKenzie Method of back care.

This method uses a combination of movement and client-derived forces to abolish back and neck pain. It gives the client the knowledge and tools to manage their pain themselves and to deal with any recurrences.

The McKenzie Method begins with your therapist taking a detailed history of your symptoms and then asking you to do certain movements, all the while assessing any symptom change. This will include repeated end range movement testing, together with sustained postural loading to determine the effect of these actions on your symptoms.  A series of individualised exercises derived from your responses during the assessment are prescribed. The emphasis is on you, the patient, being actively involved.

Pain and loss of function in other joints and muscles may also be succesfully treated using a modified version of this approach.  One of our Physios at Physio 4 Health in Motueka, Mary, have completed the training and examinations in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy and  are well qualified to apply this approach to their patients.

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