What We Do

Our physiotherapy helps injuries from aches and pains, sprains and strains to pre- and post operative rehabilitation, broken bones to work site assessments, strapping clinics to Pilates classes, women’s health to Geriatric and Neuro-rehabilitation. We have the techniques, experience and skills that will keep you moving.

Physio 4 Health Physios will help you regain your independence, keep at work and enjoy the lovely active lifestyle available here in Motueka.

How the physiotherapy treatment begins

At Physio 4 Health in Motueka, every treatment begins with an assessment. Each time you enter our rooms we take the time to assess your injury, what you can do and compare it to what you need to be able to do to continue your work and  lifestyle.

Physiotherapy assessments are individual to you. One of our Physio's will take a detailed history of your injury and follow up with an analysis of your movement, strength, fitness, pain, and the effects of these on your work, home-life and leisure. Allow up to 40 minutes for this first appointment.

From this assessment, treatment goals and plans are made with you to maximise the effect of our input.  We can help you to determine your priorities, and develop a simple home exercise program to continue there what you learn and achieve with us in our rooms.

A treatment plan will be developed with you to find the best way that will suit you to return to health and fitness and your full life. This treatment may involve a variety of different techniques and approaches according to the analysis of your assessment.  Different presentations may require different approaches to solving your problem.

Our physiotherapy treatments

  • Physiotherapy Treatment
    Exercise: We find the right exercise to help relieve pain, strengthen muscles and free-up joints. We make sure you know which ones to AVOID!
    Mobilisation and manipulation: We can gently manipulate and stretch your joints to improve movement and reduce pain.
  • McKenzie Method (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy)
    A highly effective and safe way to treat spinal, shoulder, knee and ankle  pain.
  • Rehabilitation
    We fix the pain, strengthen the muscles, move the joints and then put it altogether to get you back to work.
  • Kinesiotape
    A new, highly visible, effective method of taping sore joints and muscles.
  • Mulligan Concept
  • Brian Mulligan's concept of mobilisations with movement (MWMS) in the extremities and sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAGS) in the spine to decrease pain and improve movement.
  • Strapping Clinics
    Professional application of tape to help you feel safe during sport.
  • Pilates Classes
    Physio-supervised classes to emphasis posture and core control.
  • Jack Inglis Friendship Hospital
  • Product sales
    We can supply you with splints, supports and some exercise equipment as prescribed by our physios.