Injuries to limbs and backs can be time consuming. For many injuries ACC will pay part of the cost of treatment and the client pays the rest. Unfortunately ACC will not pay for every injury or ailment and clients must take the  responsibility for these. On your behalf we will invoice ACC for payment for your injury. If, for some reason, ACC declines payment we will forward an invoice to you.

Most work injuries are also covered by ACC. Some employers have injury cover with private insurance companies. If this is the case, your employer will let you know who we are to invoice for your treatment.

Generally most health insurance companies offer cover for some post-operative conditions. If you think this may affect you and you think physiotherapy can help your recovery, check your insurance policy for inclusions.

Payment is required at the time of service. Should there be some difficulty with this, please discuss with your Physio. Invoiced appointments may attract a $5 administration fee.


First appointment:  $27
Follow up:  $22

Private patients

First appointment:  $60
Follow up:  $50